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Semicolons and Salt Shakers

Solo exhibition at beverly (St. Louis, MO)
July 26-August 23, 2014

From the exhibition guide: 

Semicolons and Salt Shakers studies the canny perception of the peripheral gaze -- finding significane in the trivial and formal rigor in the unwitting. Drawing upon Luigi Ghirri’s Kodachrome -- the landmark 1978 book of essays and photographs which sought to instruct viewers to see one’s reality more attentively -- Early combines seemingly off-hand snapshots with similarly casual sculptural assemblages. But this casualness is a deliberate sleight-of-hand: as relationships between images and objects accrue, a sense of exacting purpose emerges from the exhibition as a whole, one that seems to enact the environmental equivalent of Ghirri’s perceptual ambition. Moving amidst the large-scale drywall forms -- which are scale reproductions of the artist’s studio -- an intimate world becomes familiar and complex, a network of dynamic relationships. As a result, the very body of the viewer and the exhibition space itself become implicated -- acting as necessary components of Early’s aesthetic logic and partial collaborators in his visual experiment.”